1. "The Journal of Baku Engineering University " accepts original unpublished articles and reviews in the research field of the author.

  2. Articles are accepted in Azerbaijani, English, Turkish and Russian languages.

  3. File format should be compatible with Microsoft Word and must be sent to the electronic mail ( of the Journal. The submitted article should follow the following format:

    • Article title, author's name and surname
    • The name of workplace
    • Mail address
    • Abstract and key words
  4. The title of the article should be in each of the three languages of the abstract and should be centred on the page and in bold capitals before each summary.

  5. The abstract should be written in 9 point type size, between 100 and 150 words. The abstract should be written in the language of the text and in two more languages given above. The abstracts of the article written in each of the three languages should correspond to one another. The keywords should be written in two more languages besides the language of the article and should be at least three words.

  6. UDC and PACS index should be used in the article.

  7. The article must consist of the followings:

    • Introduction
    • Research method and research
    • Discussion of research method and its results
    • In case the reference is in Russian it must be given in the Latin alphabet with the original language shown in brackets.
  8. Figures, pictures, graphics and tables must be of publishing quality and inside the text. Figures, pictures and graphics should be captioned underneath, tables should be captioned above.

  9. References should be given in square brackets in the text and listed according to the order inside the text at the end of the article. In order to cite the same reference twice or more, the appropriate pages should be given while keeping the numerical order. For example: [7, p.15].

    Information about each of the given references should be full, clear and accurate. The bibliographic description of the reference should be cited according to its type (monograph, textbook, scientific research paper and etc.) While citing to scientific research articles, materials of symposiums, conferences and other popular scientific events, the name of the article, lecture or paper should be given.

  10. Samples:
    1. Article: S.D. Demukhamedova, İ.N. Aliyeva, N.M.Godjayev. Spatial and electronic structure af monomerik and dimeric conapeetes of carnosine üith zinc, Journal of structural Chemistry, Vol.51, No.5, p.824-832, 2010
    2. Book: Christie ohn Geankoplis. Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles. Fourth Edition, Prentice Hall, p.386-398, 2002 Chemistry, Vol.51, No.5, p.824-832, 2010
    3. Conference paper: F.S. Sadychov, C. Aydın, A.İ. Ahmedov. Appligation of Information – Commu-nication Technologies in Science and education. II International Conference.”Higher Twist Effects In Photon- Proton Collisions”, Bakı, 01-03 Noyabr, 2007, ss 384-391

      References should be in 9-point type size.

  11. The margins sizes of the page: - Top 2.8 cm. bottom 2.8 cm. left 2.5 cm, right 2.5 cm. The article main text should be written in Palatino Linotype 11 point type size single-spaced. Paragraph spacing should be 6 point.

  12. The maximum number of pages for an article should not exceed 15 pages

    • The decision to publish a given article is made through the following procedures:
    • The article is sent to at least to experts.
    • The article is sent back to the author to make amendments upon the recommendations of referees.
    • After author makes amendments upon the recommendations of referees the article can be sent for the publication by the Editorial Board of the journal.